We Are Hope Fellowship

  • We are an apostolically led prophetically influenced church; not only a church nor only an apostolic center.
  • Which means we provide a full spectrum of ministry for children, youth & young adults, sozo, counseling, weddings, funerals & hospital visitation, deacon care for widows, connect groups & bible study groups, various weekly & bi-weekly prayer meetings & mission outreaches both local & overseas & help support several full-time missionaries.
  • It also means we have an apostolic emphasis & the apostolic decree Jesus taught His disciples; Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven motivates & undergirds everything we do.
  • We believe that we are the ekklesia ; the governing body of Christ in the earth & have a partnering role with the Lord. He has given us authority to legislate by decrees what heaven is initiating & establishing on earth. We sow financially into several national apostolic ministries where we have connection & alignment & from which we receive equipping.
  • Our emphasis is to call God’s people to join God’s army in advancing God’s Kingdom in every sphere where they have an influence. 
  • “We are A People Pursuing His Presence” because you cannot seek first the Kingdom of God & His righteousness per Matthew 6:33 without the King’s manifest presence being a supreme value.
  • God is good all the time & good things happen more often in proximity to His manifest presence. Therefore we take & make opportunities to contend for Kingdom realities in our gatherings & ministry outreaches. Kingdom realities like: righteousness, peace & joy in the Holy Spirit & the full range of the fruit of the Spirit. And Kingdom realities like healing, miracles, signs & wonders & the full range of the gifts of the Spirit.
  • Our mandate is to model from this hilltop, to this region & the world, what it looks like when God gets to have His way.